1. Crostini station

It’s a fact. We are a nation of bread lovers. So, what better way to make sure your guests leave satiated then offering a stunning spread of crunchy toasts, served with a kaleidoscope of flavours and toppings. Think roasted tomato and olives, avocado and goat’s cheese as well as prosciutto, figs and mint for those who need a bit of meat on their plate. You can even experiment with the type of bread on offer, from sourdough to gluten-free options – these bites will be the greatest thing.

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2. A vegan feast

With an increased focus on the way in which our diets are having a detrimental effect on the planet, more and more people are switching to veganism, cutting out all animal products (including eggs and dairy) in an effort to minimise their carbon footprint. And, while it may feel like a bit of a slog when having to cater for a large amount of people with various requirements, vegan options are surprisingly simple to organise. Try zucchini noodles with sweet corn and mint pesto, and roasted cauliflower, in lieu of heavier meats, and you’ll have a healthier and more vibrant spread.

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3. Mini cakes

Small is often more. And, this is your wedding day after all, so why not opt for many mini cakes instead of the one? (After all, you’re committing yourself to one man, so there’s no reason to go wild and pledge loyalty to only one type of sponge). Ask your caterer for a range of small delights – you can even request up to 10 variations – with each reflecting a different side of your personality. With more options to choose from, you’ll also be able to offer vegan or gluten-free alternatives, catering to every one of your guests’ needs.

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4. Deconstructed Desserts

Pablo Picasso once said that “every act of creation is first an act of destruction” and these desserts take that axiom to heart. Indeed, art and dessert come together next year in a trend which might get some scratching their heads, but which sees key elements of your favourite cakes, meringues and pies presented in reimagined designs on the plate or layered in a mason jar. Wedding favourites are set to include lemon meringue pie or strawberry cheesecake, especially in those warmer spring and summer months.

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5. Sweet and savoury afterparty food

Sustenance should be high on the priority list when you and your guests want to keep going until the morning dawn. But, inject a twist by incorporating sweet elements into your party-favourites such as adding fig on a pizza or focaccia base; mango on your fish tacos; or caramel popcorn on your hotdogs. Just don’t get any on your dress!

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6. Whiskey cocktails

Do you know the difference between an Old Fashioned and a Whiskey Sour? Between a measure of Yamazaki and one of Glenfiddich? Whiskey – like gin – has been high on tipple-lovers’ ‘best of’ lists for many a year now, but next year is set to solidify its popularity among wedding organisers and couples preparing for their celebrations. Connoisseurs will tell you to go for a single malt, though you might want to also offer a selection of blends to suit all of your family and friends.

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7. Herbal infusions

Whether alcoholic or not, drinks are getting the eco-treatment, with herbal and plant-based infusions making their way into cocktails and teetotaller glasses. This may be nothing new but, now, it’s not limited to basil, thyme and rosemary-based flavourings. Instead, berry leaves will stand tall in lemonades while the already popular cucumber will be the star of the show in heart-warming toddies.

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8. Champagne towers

Can wedding cake actually be replaced? For some, it seems so. Champagne towers – that is, dozens of glasses stacked high and then showered with fizz – promise to make an appearance at weddings in 2019, with some even predicting it will oust the popularity of the softer, less boozy-soaked tradition. We doubt it, but row upon row of sparkling glasses will not fail to impress – and what’s a girl to do when she cannot choose? Nothing but opt for both!

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