Local presenter and bridal store owner James Xuereb speaks out about the current state retail outlet owners find themselves in amid new COVID-19 measures. He shared the realities of his customers, saying that no bride or mother of the bride will step foot into a bridal store without trying it on before buying.

“Are you going to let us open for nothing? Can you enlighten me as to who will come looking for a wedding dress or a mother of the bride dress without trying it on?”

He notes that hairdressers, nail techs, beauticians and restaurants are being allowed to use the equipment necessary to function, but retail outlets aren’t allowed to try on clothes. And going into a bridal store and not trying on a wedding dress is pretty pointless.

While he thanks the authorities for all they’ve done in the health department, he cannot understand how it has come to this. Someone who wants to try on a wedding dress should be able to do so, he says. After all, there are couples who are getting married next year, and preparations need to be made.

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