Our weekly fix of tunes, tears, and entertainment is back with a special story. We’re already onto episode two of our beloved X Factor Malta and we are bawling

Over the years, X Factor has brought us great love stories, but we assure you, nothing will prepare you for the heartbreaking performance Emily Jones gave during her audition. Half-Maltese, half-English body positivity influencer Emily choked up when explaining to the judges why she decided to audition for the show this year. 

During her introduction, she explained that her mother is sadly currently in hospital, fighting a battle against a brain tumor. “Today, to be honest, I’m really here to honour my mum,” she said before her performance. She continued to say that “life is too short to not do what you want to do because you’re afraid of what people are going to think about you.” 

It’s amazing to see how Emily has taken a positive out of this situation and chosen to make her mother proud by showing off her talents and spreading such a positive message. 

Emily went on to sing a heartwarming rendition of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”, which earned her a well-deserved three yeses, and her golden ticket to the Bootcamp phase. Click here to watch her full performance. 

What a heartwarming performance Emily! We wish you luck in your X Factor journey! 

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