Nothing has been more helpful than Netflix in helping us defeat our pandemic-induced boredom.

Amongst the flurry of shows the streaming service has produced in the past two years, one of the most successful has been reality TV series Too Hot To Handle.

The show sees a group of young singles get taken away to a gorgeous location where they’re required to date each other whilst remaining celibate. The winner gets to take home $100,000.

You can only imagine the sheer drama and chaos that this scenario produces…

It just so happens that the show’s season two winner, a certain Marvin Anthony, was just spotted in Malta with co-contestant Tabitha Clifft.

tabitha and marvin

We’re not quite sure if the two are here on a romantic gateway or simply as friends.

Marvin and Tabitha were spotted exploring Portomaso and Valletta whilst enjoying some food at a handful of restaurants.

They were also seen going out at sea on a luxurious yacht.


This news has caused quite the stir amongst the Too Hot to Handle fandom as Marvin had left the show dating a different co-star, Melinda Melrose.

Do you think the two are dating or simply friends?

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