Today, the Maltese singer Ira Losco and the chef Sean Gravina are celebrating four years since they walked down the aisle and got married.

Ira Losco took to social with a sweet and thoughtful message on this special day.

“Who would’ve told me we would end up married with two children? I thought it was just going to be another one of those relationships where I fall in love and then I have to protect my heart from being broken”, she wrote.

“But you proved me wrong, and you keep doing so. I love how you put our family first and how you make sure we have everything we need, and mostly how you find such joy in the simplest things in life which families enjoy together”, Ira continued.

“Of course, it wasn’t and isn’t always perfect- but who is? 4 years of marriage, feels like a lifetime but in the best way possible! To many more years together. I’ve got a bucket list which is SUUUUUPER long, so don’t go anywhere yet”.

Ira and Sean have two children together, Harry who is seven and Gigi who just turned three this month.

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