If you’re planning a wedding, there’s a great chance that Alistair Floral Design is on your list of people to reach out to for a hugely important aspect of your wedding: flowers. With years of experience pleasing couples with stunning wedding arrangements for their big day, it’s no surprise that Alistair is synonymous with great taste, quality and perfection.

Which makes this ambitious project of theirs a truly exciting one. Following months of preparation and hard work, the team is about to launch a brand-new website – and we’re here for it!


Flower arrangements for Lara & William's wedding

“Our business is diverse and we excel in many different areas of floral design, including weddings, events, corporate events, and day-to-day customers. All these require a different approach, and so, we’ve catered for them all on the website with a dedicated section for each,” says Founder of Alistair Floral Design, Alistair Fenech.

The website is easy to navigate and completely user-friendly. If it’s the weddings section you’re after, a gallery with photos from real weddings featuring gorgeous floral arrangements is an ideal resource, and will give you plenty of ideas for ceremony and reception flower arrangements.


The set-up for Malta's biggest wedding

“You'll also find thousands of different floral designs created specifically for weddings in Malta, all categorised according to the type of floral design, making it easier for you to find what you like or need,” he says. “So if you’re still undecided about your bridal bouquet, simply go on the floral designs section and click 'bridal bouquets', where you’ll find hundreds of different styles we’ve created over the years.”

A section called Expertise & Advice will also prove to be useful for couples, and, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we can’t think of a person more qualified to give valuable advice! “In this section, we not only give advice on flowers but also on our favourite venues, wedding organisers, how to manage time on your wedding day, and much more.”


Ordering fresh flowers is also a breeze on the new site, which helps you find the best bouquet suited for the occasion in the shortest time possible. “An easy shopping experience is not only determined by how well the product is described but also by how quickly you find a bouquet that fits the occasion and person’s style,” says Alistair.

The website boasts lots of new and exciting features, including a fresh flowers subscription, delivered where and when you want on a regular basis. This includes custom bouquets, created for a specific setting and interior. However, the weddings section is one of their biggest accomplishments for the site.


“It had been on my mind for years now. As we’ve progressed in the industry and earned a reputation all over Malta and Gozo as one of the leading local florists, we wanted to emphasise the professional service you get at Alistair Floral Design through a detailed-oriented website,” says Alistair. “It has everything a bride and groom need when it comes to flowers for their wedding day, from thousands of images to informative advice, as well as a live chat for the user to get an instant reply to a query. The couple can also opt for a free floral consultation with just a few clicks.”


Bouquets for Andrea & Kurt's wedding 

Does he have a favourite section on the site? “In my eyes, the entire website is a masterpiece, but if I really had to pick a section, it would be the weddings section. It gives me a sense of fulfillment knowing that I've catered for so many weddings and received amazing feedback. And sharing all this and much more with potential clients for ideas and inspiration makes me really happy.”


The cake table arrangements at Laura & Philippe's wedding

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