Can you imagine trusting a group of 22 kids to choose your wedding dress? Well, this Maltese primary school teacher did exactly that!  

Shanice, better known by her Instagram handle @my_life_with_pixiedust, is a lover of all things Disney, Avengers, and Hogwarts. 

This exemplary teacher is set to get married next year; however, she’s been struggling to choose her wedding dress. That’s why she chose to call in the big guns. 

Shanice posted a video on her Instagram showing how she turned a maths lesson on tallies into an exciting exercise that is set to alter the outcome of one of the most important days of her life! 

That’s right – Shanice gave her students three different wedding dresses to choose from, with the promise that she’ll be picking the one that they liked the most. 

"My students choose my wedding dress! These little ones mean the world to me! So happy they got to help me make this decision, and now they're forever a part of my special day," she wrote on social media. 

Shanice starts off the video by addressing her classroom. 

"So, I need your help, but I need this to be a secret. You are very special to me, very, very, very special. Of course, all the children I teach are special to me, but this class is extra special." 

“Some of you might know that next year I am getting married […] I need to choose my wedding dress. Do you want to help me choose my wedding dress? 

A choral yes was yelled by all 22 students with raving excitement.  

Shanice then asked each student to vote for either dress A, B or C, and with 19 votes in favour, the absolute majority favoured dress B. 

This worked out well for Shanice, as dress B happened to be her favourite dress too.  

Good luck with planning your wedding, Shanice! 

Main image: Instagram/ my_life_with_pixiedust 

Main image: Instagram/ my_life_with_pixiedust 

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