Dr Lynn Chircop Faure wanted to dedicate a wonderful message to her parents, Carmen and Philip, on their 49th anniversary. Lynn expresses immense pride towards her parents’ determination to stay so close and loyal to each other.

‘’This is truly fascinating to see parents today so committed, especially when children of any age, challenge their guardians' resilience and ability to keep up with the pressure life presents them with. Sometimes I wonder how they kept up this commitment against all odds for 49 years!!’’

Dr Lynn goes on to say that her parents are the reason why she believes so strongly in the power of true love.

‘’They are the reason of my belief in the power of true love as I've seen them both performing in a manner that is not logical and goes beyond their individual interests.’’

‘’We love you for who you are both individually and together, as marriage did not take away this beautiful opportunity to love you individually.’’

Congratulations to the lovely couple, Carmen and Philip!

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