“Your love shines, you appreciate each other, you appreciate everything about each other, you are proud of each other. I can see that in you,” their priest, Fr Brendon says. “I see it in your eyes, in the way you speak about each other.”

“It's an obvious cliché but that day was really one of the best days ever! There is so much anticipation leading up to the wedding and all you have to do really, is just enjoy the day. I wouldn't change one thing,” Gianella tell us.

“Despite it being a rainy and stormy day, all of us could not stop smiling (me especially as you might tell from the video) and having a good time. There was such a good energy around that it didn't matter that we had to use umbrellas walking into church or that we couldn't throw confetti outside because it was pouring. All that mattered was that we were all there - our family and friends celebrating this really special day.”

Watch the beautiful moments here:

Gianella & Gilbert Wedding Love story from James Abdilla on Vimeo.

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