As Malta perseveres in its battle against COVID-19, stringent measures have stirred up anxiety for soon-to-be mums. It was recently revealed that fathers and birthing partners would no longer be freely allowed into the delivery suite to accompany mothers during birth.

Many have risen up against this procedure and indeed a petition is currently making the rounds on social media asking authorities to revert this measure in light of the mental strain imposed on mothers. While authorities have so far held firm in their cautious approach, one Maltese father is speaking out to share a paternal perspective on the situation.

"Having witnessed a birth myself, I can say that it was one of the best moments of my life, which I will for sure cherish throughout my fatherly years, but what did I do? Was I a coach,  a cheerleader or an unofficial nurse? You can say I was all three combined," says David, the father behind The Maltese Daddy blog.

Highlighting the teamwork behind a birth, David continues: "My wife  was doing all the heavy lifting but being beside her from the first hour of labour until the end, was for sure a great way of showing her that I got her back and that we will go through this together!" he said.

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While the benefits of having fathers and birthing partners present during labour are multidunous, it seems like for the time being, new mothers must make do without this support due to the threats brought on by the Coronavirus.

What are your thoughts on the situation?

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