With travel bans and all non-essential shops closing down in a bid to prevent further spread of COVID-19, one pregnant Italian lady currently residing in Malta has been left in a stressful fix.

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The woman, who is how nearing her due date, took to Facebook to share her dilemma: “Morning all, as most of you know I'm now 9 months pregnant and was meant to go to Italy, but we did not manage, so we're in Malta,” she explained.

She continued to add that: “Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, I did not manage to finish buying things for the baby (as we had most of them in Italy), so if any of you has/knows someone who can help with NEWBORN things (bed sheets, clothes, anything really) can you please message me privately? Thank you very much !!!!” she wrote in a public Facebook post.

If you, or anyone you know, can assist her in such an unfortunate circumstance, please click here.

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