Call the wedding planner, and more importantly, get nanna on the phone! It’s finally looking up for people planning on having their wedding before the end of the year. 

During a press conference held earlier today, Health Minister Chris Fearne snuck in an update on COVID-19 event restrictions, which naturally also apply to weddings!

Vaxxed or un-vaxxed? Is it five or six people per table? What’s a square meter again? 

Oh, the stress of being a bride during a pandemic!

Need a breakdown of the new, and most definitely improved list of COVID-19 event restrictions? We’ve got you covered.

1. You can now invite even more of your friends. 

Seated weddings limited to vaccinated people only will now be allowed to host a maximum of 300 people. 

2. It might be best to go for bigger tables.

The amount of people that can be sat at a single table has increased from six to eight. Better sort out that seating plan!

 3. No more marathon walks to get to another table.

Distance between tables has now been decreased to a one-metre minimum.

 4. It's less stressful for the kids too. 

Children under 12 will no longer have to present a negative PCR test before attending events.

5. You can invite friends from around the world. 

If you’re planning on inviting friends or family from Iraq, Armenia, Moldova, and South Korea, Malta’s set to start recognizing vaccine certificates issued by these countries very soon!

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