In their longest video to date, Nas Daily and his girlfriend Alyne have announced that they are parting ways after six years together.

“This is the end. Alyne and I are breaking up”, Nas wrote.

“Until then, Alyne and I will remain good friends. We have zero regrets. Because...No growth of the heart is ever a waste”, Nas continued.

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The two first got together in June 2016 when Nas was just starting his videos and Alyne had just gotten out of a divorce. It was love at first sight!

“But sometimes even the best of things come to and end”, Nas and Alyne explained in their 13-minute-long video.

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Nas explained that he focused too much on his company and started to forget his relationship and its importance. Alyne was asking for attention in a relationship that Nas was simply not giving which led to their amicable break up.

“I hope this helps someone out there with their relationship. I hope they can avoid our mistakes before it’s too late”.

Best of luck on your new journey’s Nas and Alyne!

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