Bettina from the band ‘The New Victorians’ has just welcomed her baby boy, Ted into the world.

God's gift. We are so grateful for your arrival”, she wrote on ‘The New Victorians’ Facebook page.

We are ready to love you with all that we have, to walk through the ups and downs with you, and to have a few laughs along the way as we figure out life together”, she continued.

Precious one. May you always know your unquestionable worth. This is it. The next chapter. Overwhelmed and overjoyed”.

This is Bettina’s second time becoming a mum, having already welcomed her daughter, Bo with her husband Blaine.

Her sister and second member of ‘The New Victorians’, Philippa is also currently pregnant and Ted will have a new cousin really soon!

Congratulations Bettina and Blaine!  

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