Leah Camenzuli is an influencer and mother followed by many local women and mothers for her unfiltered social media commentary on what it truly means to be raising a family.

Leah and her husband, David, welcomed their second-born, Harry, over a year ago.

Unfortunately, baby Harry had to spend over a month in the NPICU with only an hour of visiting time from his parents.

She has now made a public call on social media for Malta’s hospitals to install bedside webcams at the Neonatal Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (NPICU).

“Sure, I had the distraction of Sophia and my husband but every minute that passed all the worst case scenarios ran through my mind. Imagine this on top of the already overwhelming postpartum hormones — I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone”, Leah wrote on Instagram.

“The desire to be present at your infant’s bedside at all hours when you cannot – I believe webcams will bridge that gap and ease a little of the heartbreak”, she continued.

Sophia, the couple’s first child, was born on 5th November 2018, meaning that she’s now just over three years old.

“Firetech Malta have so graciously stepped forward to donate the cameras needed. So, it’s just a matter of installation and establishing a system that works for the doctors, the hospital and parents,” Leah concluded her post.

It seems like the influencer’s anecdote struck a chord with many, as readers took to the comments section to express their support for this idea.

“I couldn’t agree with you more! The webcams would be great for many purposes”, a local midwife wrote.

Wishing you all the best on this new endeavour, Leah!

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