Local photographer, Sean Azzopardi has lately been achieving quite the following on TikTok as he goes up to random people he finds interesting in Valletta and offering them a few photoshoot.

In one of his most popular videos, Sean came across couple up in the Barrakka gardens who has just freshly tied the knot.

@seanazzopardi12 ❤️👰‍♂️🤵‍♂️❤️Street photography of bride and groom. #streetphotography #fyp #photo #wedding #weddingday #weddingphotos #portrait #happy #follow #like #bride #groom ♬ original sound - Sean Azzopardi Photography

Sean went on to take a stunning set of photos of the newly wed couple in their beautiful wedding attire.

The bride was Columbian while the groom was Italian and the photos Sean really brought how much the two love each other.

Congratulations to the happy couple!  

Main Images: TikTok/Sean Azzopardi

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