A Maltese couple that was due to get married in September is currently separated as the groom is currently stuck in the US following the implementation of the recent travel restrictions.

According to Times of Malta, the bride and groom, both locals live in the US along with the groom’s family. Everyone is fully vaccinated with EMA approved vaccines however the certificates are not recognised by Malta. Only the EU vaccine certificate, Malta’s vaccine certificate, and that issued by the NHS are recognised locally. Currently, the CDC certificate is not recognised by local authorities.

The couple has had to already postpone their wedding twice, which was initially set for August 2020. Due to the pandemic they pushed it to December and then to September 2021. The bride is currently in Malta, having flown here in June to take care of final preparations while her fiancé remained in the US due to work commitments. So far, there isn’t an update on the acceptance of the CDC certificate.

We’re sending all good vibes this couple’s way and hopefully everything will turn out ok.

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