Locals Suzanne and Terence were meant to jet off to Taormina to get married in the gorgeous Italy town, but COVID-19 had other plans for them. Instead of postponing their nuptials to a later date, the couple got hitched in a very intimate wedding at the public registry with family and friends calling in on Zoom. Quite the modern touch!


“We had planned to get married in Taormina on 1st May. When things started changing, we never lost hope. We kept looking for solutions and watching the news and updates, but Italy was in a worse state than we had predicted.”

“We also planned to have a church ceremony (Thanksgiving mass) and reception in Malta after our Italian wedding, for our other guests (colleagues and friends who couldn’t come to Sicily). When it was clear that theses weren’t going to happen in May, we sought another solution. We picked another date, 15th May, which happens to be International Day of Families, and was very appropriate for our new family.”


“We decided that THAT would be the first step, the day we’d marry, knowing we’d have another one too. We didn’t want to be upset about it. After all, we’d have two weddings, two anniversaries, and an excuse for another dress. Who’s complaining?”

An important part of their family is their 12-year-old rescue dog Nina, who acted as the ring bearer. She was walked down the aisle by Suzanne’s mum and was the cutest thing ever! She shared that they streamed their wedding on zoom for their family and friends.


“Terence’s parents live in Ireland so we had them streaming with us too as my father held the phone for them to be present with us. My parents were outside the room respecting social distancing and his parents were on the phone, dressed elegantly.”

She shared that Terence spent the days leading up to the day at his home as they wanted to do things traditionally. She painted her nails and did her hair and make-up herself. After the ceremony, they headed to the scenic views near Filfla to take some photos.


“We're now looking forward to resume our lives as a family, doing things we love. Ww're also waiting eagerly for a safe time to go to Hawaii, Seychelles and the Maldives for our honeymoon. However, first and foremost, we are waiting for a good time to celebrate our Taormina Church wedding and reception with another Thanksgiving mass and reception in Malta.”

Courtesy of Suzanne-Marie Psaila

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