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George Farrugia Jewellery

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GEORGE FARRUGIA was founded by father George and later joined by two of his son’s Samuel and Lukas Farrugia. 

‘We value quality and timelessness, our unique pieces are designed in-house and we never intend on changing. Our intimate open plan workshop allows you to view the journey of our pieces, from discussing ideas, sketches, to wax carving to detailed traditional Filigree and many more.

Our work ranges from up cycling old pieces into new treasures, wedding crowns, chain-making, contemporary and minimalist bespoke pieces.’

Inspired by the land 

‘Every piece of jewellery is designed by our father-son trio. We are hugely Inspired by our land and its bold natural forms, art, architecture, innovative minds and time-honored jewelry-making traditions. We are committed to sustainable business practices, our craftsmanship and the preservation of old methods and tools. We pride ourselves on the value of authenticity; it is the soul of the community and the sentiment that makes each piece truly one of a kind.’

Turning a creative idea into an intricate piece of craftsmanship can be a time-consuming process. For each piece to find its way into life from the designer’s initial sketches, a jewellery design needs the attention of expert hands. All collections and special pieces are crafted by the three members of the family in the brand’s workshop in Gozo. 

‘We work symbiotically to bring to life the natural uniqueness of every single piece of jewellery. ‘


‘We are the last workshop on the island which still practices, holding on to the old ways and teaching the next generation of jewellers. This fuels our passion for work and encourages us to produce the highest quality pieces.’


‘We are passionate about quality, design, craftsmanship and details.’


‘We strive to be different and we are on the forefront of innovative ideas and designs.  We aim to give our customers a bespoke experience, and unique pieces which stand out with style and class. ‘

GEORGE FARRUGIA is located in the neighbourhood of Gharb in Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village ,Gozo, Where George Farrugia rented his very first workshop in 1981.

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(+356) 2155 3722 (+356) 7970 1771
Workshop 1, Ta' Dbiegi Crafts Village, Kercem, Gozo

Mon-Sat 9.30am-4.30pm

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