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With 80 years experience in the catering industry Busy Bee has the knowledge to make your wedding day a memorable one. Great care is given to both the preparation and the presentation of all food items.  Our sterling service staff will ensure the smooth running of the wedding function in all its stages.  This means that everything will be taken care of while you enjoy your special day. Our menu includes a vast selection of food items, from traditional delicacies to recent innovations.  All items are carefully produced locally from the finest and most natural ingredients with no added preservatives.  We are happy to customise our menu to meet our clients' unique tastes.  Apart from ensuring catering excellence for weddings at Villa Mdina, Busy Bee facilitates customers’ wedding arrangements by operating in the majority of wedding venues and locations throughout Malta and Gozo. For more information feel free to browse our website: www.busybee.com.mt.  Meanwhile, we will be only too happy to assist you through each step of this process and with any queries you may have. Busy Bee the name renowned for quality

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