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FGP Ltd is Malta’s leading and longest established garage door manufacturer. We have over 50 years of experience in the sheet metal industry, being dedicated to the manufacture of quality garage doors for the last 40 years. Our large variety of custom made, top quality products in various styles and finishes makes possible the fulfilment of any residential, commercial and industrial garage door requirement. We also manufacture residential and industrial gates, miscellaneous sheet metal works and supply High Speed Doors and Fire Doors.

At FGP we are committed:
• To meet the needs of our customers and to strive for 100% satisfaction
• To provide quality manufacture and installation each and every time and to perform the job to the best of our ability
• To deliver our products and provide service in the most efficient and cost effective way
• To provide an excellent aftersales service that results in complete customer satisfaction

We constantly look out for ways to improve our products. We are at our clients’ service and provide expert advice. Our main strength lies in our many years of experience in this field. This, combined with our excellent customer service has made us an industry leader.

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21673627 21667107/8
109, Valletta Road
Mon-Fri 8am-4.30pm, Sat 9am-noon

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