Bemania Party Supplies

Bemania Party Supplies

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Bemania is where celebrations begin! Bemania opened its doors in Mosta over 15 years ago, but only over the past two years has it changed its concept to party supplies and gifts. The store is owned by Melanie Cruz Benitez, who has trained her team to welcome and offer clients any help they require.

There is a wide selection of party supplies, costumes and gifts all at the best prices, and anything you do not see on the shelves, the team will be happy to bring for you if available. Bemania also offers party and candy buffet set-ups at a very reasonable price. Helium and delivery services are also available. Visit Bemania for the ultimate experience in the world of party supplies.

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+356 21419580 +356 79373214
183, Constitution Street, Mosta

Mon-Sat 9am-7pm; open Sun 9-10.30am in July and August, and 9.30-11am in winter

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