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Swan Laundry & Dry Cleaning

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Swan laundry uses PureClean - a new eco-friendly way of washing that uses wet cleaning processes. Traditional dry cleaning has been the only option for professional laundry for years, but thanks to developments in technology, there is now a greener, cleaner alternative. Swan's PureClean service uses eco-friendly systems that washes clothes more effectively - removing stains and odour-causing bacteria far better than traditional dry cleaning can, and it’s compatible with dry clean items.

Better still, this method is safer for the environment too! PureClean uses biodegradable detergents which don’t pollute the air, water and soil. It’s brilliant! Times have changed and our impact on the environment can change too. For safer, superior cleaning, there’s PureClean. Leave it to Swan. 

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+356 22482200 +356 79049014
BLB 044, Bulebel Industrial Estate, Zejtun ZTN 3000

Mon-Fri 7am-4pm; Sat 7am-1pm

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