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Blue Ribbons & Lace

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Luxury lace wedding veils unique on the market, previously only used by fashion designers on runway shows, and worn by European princesses and celebrities worldwide!

Lace veils add romance to any wedding dress and elevate the whole look. The moment you walk down the aisle with a lace veil trailing behind you is irreplaceable and guaranteed to make a memorable entrance and exit. Lace veils also photograph beautifully and are the most photo-enhancing wedding accessory you can have. They are also an investment, as only a handful of laceworkers in Europe are left practicing this tradition, which means there may come a point in the future when they are no longer available. By buying a lace veil today, you not only will be making a fashion statement on your wedding day, but also creating a family heirloom for tomorrow.

Famous brides who wore a lace veil on their wedding day include: Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, Kate Moss, Megan Markle, Alana Bunte and Irene Forte.

We offer FREE online wedding styling sessions for all brides. In this dedicated time, we will offer you advice on choosing, buying and wearing a lace veil. Our stylist will learn about you; your wedding, your preferred style, taking into account overall appearance: wedding dress, hair, make-up and venue.

All our lace veils are of the highest quality. We care about the environment and are committed to Sustainable Slow Fashion.

We offer FREE delivery worldwide on all our lace items.

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