Chateau Buskett

Chateau Buskett

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Chateau Buskett is a versatile wedding and event venue situated in a stunning location within the heart of the picturesque Buskett Gardens, with the romantic backdrop of the majestic Verdala Palace and breathtaking views across the Island. 

Chateau Buskett enjoys options of both large and small areas, outside and inside, making the venue ideal for any size of wedding, event, party or celebration however large or small.

This unique and mulit-functional venue is ideal for any type of event however large or small, and is a thriving destination for dining, events, weddings, entertainment, tourism and social gatherings.

Our friendly and professional team will be happy to assist you in planning your event, in which every aspect can be tailor-made around your requirements.

Whether you are looking for a venue to host an intimate candlelit dinner, family celebration, fun party, concert or a grand wedding reception, your dreams can come true at Chateau Buskett… your ideal venue.

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2145 4233 9944 2321
Chateau Buskett, c/o The Buskett roadhouse, Buskett, l/o Siggiewi, SGW 4616

from 10 onwards, by appoinment

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