Just this morning, local influencer Danita Camilleri (better known by her Instagram handle ‘One Chick and a Yorkie’) took to social media to share some relationship advice to all the parents out there.

Captioning a photo of her and her husband, Andrew, kissing at the Blue Grotto, Danita wrote:

“Dear parent… kiss your partner in front of your children. Say thank you always and apologise in front of your children if you made a mistake.”

Danita went on to advise married readers to “hold each other’s hand” and “hug each other as much as possible as this is the only way our children can have a thirst for love.”

“We are the inspiration for their future”, she concluded her message.

Many fellow parents soon flooded the comments section agreeing with her.

Danita and Andrew are parents to two-year old Lenny.

Do you agree with Danita’s message?

Instagram/Danita Camilleri

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