It’s been two years since pop sensation Justin Bieber and model Hailey Bieber tied the knot in South Carolina. The couple took to socials to wish each other a happy anniversary and shared the sweetest of snaps from their wedding day back in 2019. 

Hailey’s minimal caption simply included the date, ‘9.30’ along with three precious moments captured from the day. 

Justin’s caption simply stated, ‘Happy anniversary baby. Luv u k. To the moon.’

Here’s the backstory: 

The two owe their meeting to Hailey’s father, Steve Baldwin as he was the one to introduce Hailey to Justin backstage at The Today Show way back in 2011. They officially got together in 2015 and got engaged on July 7th 2018. It seems as though the couple were eager to start their lives together as just three months after their engagement they held a secret wedding in New York in September of 2018. The two then hosted a ceremony, this time in front of family, friends and the rest of the world on September 30th 2019 in South Carolina, just 12 months after tying the knot legally. The star studded wedding needed an A-List guestlist to go with it, including Hailey’s close friends, Kendall Jenner, Kelia Moniz and Natalie Manuel. 

Would you say yes to this dress? 

Both of their posts showed off Hailey’s beautiful, bespoke gown designed by friend, Virgil Abloh. The off-the-shoulder lace sleeves and low back complemented by an impressively long train made for a beautiful silhouette. 

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