The now-former Japanese Princess Mako, niece of Emperor Naruhito, has finally married her commoner boyfriend, Kei Komuro. The college sweethearts were classmates at Tokyo’s International Christian University and have been in love ever since. “[He] is irreplaceable”, Mako said in a news conference.

The couple has already overcome several obstacles, after the wedding was delayed three times and was deemed unfit by many. Their wedding was originally planned to take place in November of 2018 but it was postponed after Kei’s mother was implicated in a minor financial scandal.

Their love for each other has cost the Princess her royal status.

Sadly, the couple was not given the privilege of a traditional wedding celebration which is usually saved for royals. Instead, a palace official submitted a marriage document to make it official. 

No wedding, no banquet, no celebrations for the public, or any of the usual marriage rituals. In fact, the college sweethearts announced their recent union at a press conference

Sadly, after close to a decade of criticism from the public, Mako has been left struggling with post-traumatic stress. So much so that the two declined taking questions from reporters at the press conference and instead prepared written answers which were handed out to the press,.

Mako and Kei plan to live out their happily ever after together in New York, after Mako gets her first-ever passport. 

What do you think about their situation? Do you believe that love should conquer all?  

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