The British YouTuber, Vikk, known for being one of the Sideman has just tied the knot with Ellie Harlowin in a beautiful wedding in Malta.

All the Sideman, who have 19 million subscribers on YouTube, were spotted entering Villa Bighi last month. Many soon suspected that Vikk was getting married, and it now confirmed.

“Mr & Mrs”, Vikk captioned a photo of him and his wife strolling through Malta in their wedding attire.

Vikk and Ella wore both modern and traditional clothing for the big day as a nod to Vik’s Indian heritage.

“Wow that was a lot of planning, we had the wedding in Malta so we could guarantee a little bit of good weather!”, Vikk announced on his YouTube channel.

“We had everyone come along, it was so surreal”, he continued.

“It was just the best day ever”.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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