Mother’s Day is coming up next Sunday and whilst this is a joyous occasion for many mothers across Malta, it’s also a hard day for those struggling with fertility issues.

In light of this, Birzebbuga Vice Mayor Josette Busutti, took to Facebook to share her own inspiring story about her struggle with fertility.

Just six months before her wedding day, Josette was admitted to hospital where a cyst was discovered in her uterus.

“After many operations that resulted into nothing, I was declared infertile”, Josette heartbreakingly wrote.

She tried adopting, but after a lot of effort, war broke in Pakistan and all hope was lost once again.

“Oftentimes before work I would stop at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace, begging her to provide me with a baby, biologically or not. I just wanted a baby to call me ‘mum’”, Josette continued.

After many years of lost hope, Josette started gaining weight and feeling sick. To her disbelief she was pregnant and gave birth to daughter Mariah a day before Christmas 2002.

“My daughter is a declared living miracle”, Josette proudly wrote.

“My biggest message is to not be so hard on yourself. Infertility is not your fault”, Josette concluded.

What an awe-inspiring message!

Main Image: Facebook/Josette Busuttil

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