It’s strange to think that, until now, parents haven’t been able to use Maltese fonts to officially register their child’s name upon birth. Maltese names such as Ġorġ, Ċikku and Ċettina have always been written in English – until now.

In a recent post on Facebook, Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities, Alex Muscat, wrote he too thinks it’s an anomaly that, in 2020, Maltese fonts aren’t used in birth certificates and other identity-related documents.

“A few weeks ago, I asked that this anomaly be fixed through new IT systems, and in a short time, we should see this being implemented,” he wrote on Facebook.

The Member of Parliament, who is a parent himself to daughter Eva, added that couples who already had children will also be able to request minor corrections for their kids’ names through the Public Registry. So if you’re currently expecting and thinking of a name for your child, you might be in time to consider a Maltese name!

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