UK reality television star Gemma Collins otherwise known as the GC is now engaged to the love of her life, Rami.

Rami popped the question when Gemma assumed they were having a chill beach dinner that soon turned into an epic, romantic, candlelit proposal.

“I’m blown away and in a total love bubble right now”, Gemma wrote.

“I didn’t have a clue I had no make up! no bra on !!!! I didn’t know it was being filmed I thought I was having a chilled beach dinner”, she continued.

“You have all been on this huge journey with me !!! I spent so many years not being appreciated for the woman I am !!!! Wasted so much time on the wrong people who took advantage of my good nature heart … however it lead me to my KING Rami. This man APPRECIATES ME one million percent !”.

Gemma and Rami first got together all the way back in 2011, becoming engaged in 2013 but it was unfortunately later called off. They rekindled their relationship once again 2021 and they’re now on their way to get married.

Gemma also acts as stepmother to Rami’s son, Tristan.

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