Danita Camilleri from ‘One Chick and a Yorkie’ has taken to Instagram with a sweet message to her husband Andrew for his 34th birthday.

“34 years husband, I have known you all my life, I have been kissing you for 17 years, I have been cooking for you for eight years and we have been obsessed over a small human we created for three years”, Danita wrote.

“Every year that passes you amaze me, because you’re always inventing new things”, she continued.

“I am a woman of my word, I love you with all my heart so that’s why you’ll always find me there”.

“I have always been there and I’ll always be there. This is because I love you and that’s how a marriage should be”.

“God willing we will continue getting old together”, Danita continued.

What an incredibly loving message!

The two married back in 2015 and share a three-year old son, Lenny together.

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