Bjorn Formosa is appealing to locals to keep an eye out for his wedding ring which he lost over the weekend. In a heartfelt post, Bjorn shares that it is of sentimental value to him.

“Yesterday I lost my wedding ring. It fell off my deeply atrophied fingers. Needless to say that this ring has huge sentimental value. It's a white gold ring and on the inside it has inscribed Maria's name and the date of our wedding 03/12/2016,” he says, describing the ring.

Bjorn shares that yesterday they visited Dingli, the Gnien L-Gharusa tal-Mosta, PAVI Shopping Complex, Hamrun, DAR Bjorn and Qormi. Should anyone come across the ring, call the Formosas on 7960 2587. “It’s all about the sentimental value of this ring, that can stay with Maria, even when I won’t be here. Grazzi.”

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