Local influencer from ‘Claire’s Curves’, Claire Apap is celebrating her 14 year wedding anniversary to her husband, Stephen.

However, this is only one of her two wedding anniversaries. As she celebrates the time when they first married civilly and the time when they married at the church.

This is anniversary is her civil one!

“We celebrate when we started dating in November we celebrate our church wedding in July and today we celebrate when we got married civilly. Why? Because love should be celebrated. Because it reminds us of our story. Because we want to”, Claire captioned a sweet post dedicated to her husband on Instagram.

“When I became Mrs Apap 14 years ago many people thought we wouldn’t last. I mean really, who gets married at 18 nowadays? A crazy in love Claire and Stephen that who”, she continues.

“Nobody knows what the future will bring but man am I happy to be with you here and now. I love you! Happy anniversary Stephen and thank you for all you do”.

Since they got married, Stephen and Claire had two children together, a son, Leon and a daughter, Annah.

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