It’s officially been one whole week since power couple Tezara and David Saliba welcomed baby Ben into the world 

After seeing the most adorable photo of Tez and her new baby boy, many of you might have thought that this power couple had it all figured out and that the delivery process was smooth sailing 

Well, Tez is here to tell you that that’s actually very far from the truth… 

Tezara has always been candid with her pregnancy process from speaking about how difficult it was to get pregnant in the first place to sharing her deepest pregnancy strugglesso it was only fitting for her to bring to light the scary truth of the delivery process.   

“Our Baby Ben is one week old! A week ago, the medical staff at Mater Dei Hospital helped us bring this little one safely into the world. It might not have been the way we planned for it to go, but without them, I could’ve be writing an entirely different post right now,” she started.   

Yesterday Tez told the chilling story of the day Ben was brought into the world...  

After 27 hours of contractions, unfortunately, staff at Mater Dei discovered that the umbilical cord connecting Tez to her baby was way shorter than average 

The average length is 50 to 60cm. Tez’s was 25cm.   

This complication led to Tez undergoing an emergency C-section, putting stress on her baby and obviously causing substantial physical and mental pressure on Tez herself.   

This may be scary to some, but Tez is here to assure you that Malta’s general hospital staff are always there, ready for any situation.   

Tez went on to thank midwife Marie Soler, who I know hates the attention but deserves so much praise. Thank you for being so skilled and kind. You made me feel safe and cared for on the scariest night of my life. Midwife Lynn Scicluna...thank you for popping in every free second you had to offer help and support.”  

“To Dr Helga Consiglio, whom I will probably (hopefully) never have to see again, who not only brought baby Ben here safely but offered so much comfort when I kept saying I’m a failure as she tried to explain that there was nothing else I could physically do to deliver him naturally. To all the Midwives, Nurses and Doctors in Obs 3, thank you for your help, support, guidance and patience. (Sneaky shout out to Michelle, whose tough love scared me to death lol but was exactly what I needed at that time),” she continued.     

“We have so much to be proud of when it comes to our health care in Malta. I always heard they were amazing, but I suppose it’s only when you experience it first-hand that you know how amazing they truly are. You are angels sent from God himself, and your hands work his magic. I feel so blessed and lucky to be able to write this as our little boy sleeps by my side. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Tez ended.   

Happy one week, Ben! 


Main image: Instagram/ Tez_Saliba 

Main image: Instagram/ Tez_Saliba 

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