Oliver Losco, father of the famous local artist Ira Losco, celebrates his birthday today. Many remember Oliver playing football with Tas-Sliema while others know him simply as Ira's father. Oliver turned 70 and Ira took to social media to write a message to wish her father a happy birthday.

‘Happy 70th Birthday to my dad. Alongside my mum, he taught me that no matter how successful one is, it is the people who put you there, so being grateful and respectful is always imperative’.

Ira goes on to add that since her father played football in the Sliema team, as well as Malta’s national team, this made her always look at him in awe, ‘being both a daughter but also a young girl who would see him on TV answering interviews and playing the game’.

Ira ends her message by telling him that she loves him very much and that he is such a gentle and loving soul that is so difficult to find nowadays.

We wish Oliver the very best and a year filled with everything his heart desires!

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