Yes, it’s been a whole five years since the Camenzuli couple’s picturesque wedding in Bali! 

To commemorate this special day, Leah, a fitness-loving Australian influencer, took to social media to post some very sweet words.

“This day not only marks the day we celebrated becoming husband and wife, but it also marks the day I ugly-cried down the aisle in front of all our friends and family,” she wrote. 

Leah’s husband, David, is equal parts Maltese and Swedish and works as a model. The couple spent a considerable amount of time living in Dubai before moving into their St Julian’s home. 

“David, thank you for continuing to love me despite passing down my full-face cry to both Harry and Sophia. Sorry kids,” Leah continued.

The fitness influencer went on to post a series of pictures from her wedding day, each showing her getting increasingly emotional. 

“Five years and forever baby. I love you so much,” she concluded her message.


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