Noel and Christopher Vella Galea, or better known through their blog as TwoPapasMalta, are celebrating two very special occasions between today and tomorrow. Today happens to be their son Daniel’s eighth birthday and tomorrow they’ll be celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary. Talk about a double whammy!

“To our very special son Daniel – You came into our life with a bang and nothing has ever been the same since our first encounter on the 17th July 2018. On this day, you were eagerly waiting for us behind the window bars, when you saw us coming you started calling us,” they shared on their blog’s Facebook page.

“The three of us hugged and cried together with happiness when we first met, it was truly an emotional moment that is still pictured in our head. As from that date onwards you were never alone in this world, now you have another family, love, care, a home and education for a better future.”

“After 2 years, we cannot even imagine our life without you, we are so proud of your achievements, we are blessed to call you Son and you call us Papa. Keep that happiness smile and outgoing character – God bless you.”

“Happy 8th Birthday today 22nd July 2020 and Happy 4th year marriage anniversary to us tomorrow 23nd July 2020.….so its double celebration.”

Double well wishes to this lovely family!

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