1. Meghan Markle and Hailey Bieber

For her 2018 wedding, Meghan Markle wore a gorgeous halter neck gown for the evening reception, and many have adopted that look, sparking a trend in wedding wear. One person who did so is Hailey Bieber who (from the few photobooth portraits that were released) wore a very similar gown to her own reception just a few weeks ago.

Credit: Left photo: moniquenoell / Instagram; Right photo: justbieber / Instagram

2. Angelina Jolie and Chiara Ferragni

The Hollywood actress and fashion blogger both wore hand-drawn themed dresses that featured images and words stitched onto their gowns for their big day.

Credit: Left photo: ifitshipitshere / Instagram; Right photo: buro247hr / Instagram

3. Ellie Goulding and Miranda Kerr

Both singer Ellie Goulding and model Miranda Kerr opted for high-neck styles with long sleeves and minimal adornments for their respective wedding days. Goulding’s dress was by Chloe, while Kerr’s was by Dior, but both donned beautiful styles, adorned with delicate embroidered florals.

Credit: Left photo: aceitosim / Instagram; Right photo: women___fashionn / Instagram

4. Princess Sofia of Sweden and Karlie Kloss

The Swedish royal and the American fashion model both wore lace sleeves for their big day, with a sloped V-neck and a strapless bodice underneath the lace. Both gorgeous, if you ask us!

Credit: Left photo: worldroyal2020 / Instagram; Right photo: mariagesparellise / Instagram

5. Lady Gabriella Windsor and Beatrice Borromeo

The royal brides pulled out all the stops when it came to their wedding ensembles, and as is the trend nowadays, changed into different dresses for the reception, and boy did they stun. Their second dresses featured capes and a plunging v-neckline.

Credit: Left photo: royally_yourz / Instagram; Right photo: neddue / Instagram

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