Radio and TV presenter Dorian Cassar is preparing for his big day this summer as he finally gets to marry his soulmate and fiancé Paul Camilleri.

Ahead of their wedding, Paul took to Facebook to announce that he and Dorian will be making a sweet yet untraditional gesture on their big day.

Paul and Dorian have to opted to abandon wedding souvenirs completely and instead use the money for cat food for a local cat sanctuary.

“It is no secret that we are animal lovers with a (BIG) soft spot for cats. Therefore, we have decided that instead of giving souveniers and wedding favors to our guests we would buy cat food and donate it to CLAWS - Cat Lovers Adoptions, Welfare & Support”, Paul wrote.

“It is the cat sanctuary from where we adopted one of our furry babies. These cat sanctuaries do a sterling job, let's all try to help them as much as possible”, he continued.

Well done, Dorian and Paul!

Facebook/Paul Camilleri

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