Fashion designers Charles and Ron have made quite a splash in the fashion industry, both locally and internationally, but today isn’t just about their clothes… 

13th June 2022 is a special day for these two idols, as it marks their seventh anniversary of being in a civil union, as well as their 30th anniversary of being a couple! 

Commemorating this day, Charles shared a touching message dedicated to his other half… 


“What can I say, Ron, 30 years gone by like a dream and 7 years of civil union. You have been the most amazing partner, lover, best friend, and husband that one could ever wish for. You have loved me, taken care of me and also my mum, we probably drive you crazy at times, but you never complain,” he wrote.

“You always love what I put on your plate every day; even if it doesn’t turn the way I want it to, you still say it’s very good. You showed me from day one when we met when I got sick. You walked for an hour in the park in Amsterdam to find me painkillers. I thought that I won’t see you again, but you came back with 2 Panadols,” he continued.

Charles ended the post by writing: “we exchanged so many love letters before you moved to Malta which we still have today. You are the sweetest, most loveable boy ever.” 

Happy anniversary, you two!  

Image credit: Facebook/ Charles Van Maarschalkerweerd Borg

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