Danita and Andrew Camilleri are celebrating 13 years of being together (married for five). In honour of their anniversary, Danita is sharing some great advice on being with someone for a long time.

“13 years with the same person! It’s no joke and isn’t easy and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. To maintain a strong relationship, you need a lot of patience!”

“You have to remember that everyone fights, everyone has tough times and everyone passes through difficult phases that make you want to throw him off the balcony!” she jokes.

“But with the love you have towards each other and communication, everything works out,” she continues. “You just need to be ready to fix things, both yours and theirs,” she says, acknowledging that she’s no relationship expert.

“However, I think I’ll stick with you, in all the good and the bad! I got used to you now!” she jokes. 

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