Whenever a bride’s planning her wedding, chances are she doesn’t exactly account for the fact that the bridal car might be involved in an accident on the way to the ceremony…

However, that’s exactly what happened to Martina Agius!

Whilst that scenario’s enough to send anyone into a panic, Martina and her team were lucky enough to receive help from absolute strangers.

Martina was driven to the church with the bridesmaids car instead whilst the bridesmaids got driven to the wedding by a couple of absolute strangers.

drivers with bridal party

The two gentlemen pictured below, who were in no way involved with the ceremony, generously offered to drive the bridemaids to the church, just in time for the wedding.


A kind-hearted taxi driver gave the rest of the bridesmaids a lift, but, unfortunately, they didn’t manage to get a photo with him.

“At that moment I didn’t care about anything other than getting to the church to get married,” Martina told OurWedding.

“They saved the day,” she continued.

Congratulations, Martina, on your wedding!

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