Birthday wishes are in order for Malta’s Opposition Leader, Bernard Grech. In honour of his special day, his daughter Maria penned a sweet post on social media.

“I don’t usually express myself in this way, but today is a special day for you and us,” Maria starts off in a post on social media.

She shares that from her childhood years, the current Opposition Leader has been a person she’s “admired and trusted blindly.” She recalls a difficult moment when she had to undergo an operation in which she remembers her father’s encouraging smile. “I felt tranquil and calm and in that moment I realised that you’re always there for me.”

“Even now that family time has decreased, you still manage to keep in contact and a good relationship with us even more than before. Now that I’m growing up, I realise I’m spreading with others the values you and mum have instilled in me.”

“Thank you for inspiring me to walk the path of success in my way and in my own time. Happy birthday and I love you.”

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