Odile and Matthew have been together for the past eight years, but it was finally time to tie the knot after Matthew proposed on a romantic gateway to Thailand.

When it came down to the wedding preparations, Odile took care of most of it as Matthew was busy preparing their future house. Perfectly balanced as all things should be!

Odile wanted to have an Amazonian fairy tale wedding to reflect her and Matthew’s relaxed demeanour. This is why she opted for wooden beams and fairy lights to transform her reception venue into her desired theme.

“Seeing everything coming into place was just amazing. Everything I imagined was there”, Odile told OurWedding.mt.

The Amazonian theme was reflected not only in the décor but also in Odile’s wedding dress. The dress she chose was a mix of both boho and classic elegancy. She originally had a different type of dress in mind, but she fell in love when she saw this dress on her. Always expect the unexpected!

For the most part, Matthew and Odile organised a traditional wedding as this is what their parents wanted. They knew how much this meant to them. “In the end, it was the best choice”, they continued to reflect.

The only untraditional thing they decided to go for was having a different flavoured cake. Instead of the usual top to bottom almond filled cake, they went for a three-tier cake that had two layers of bacio cake but also a layer of almond cake for those that love the traditional way.

Odile and Matthew’s guests left the wedding with an incredibly sweet souvenir. Although Odile planned most of the wedding, this part she left in Matthew’s hands. He loves to cook and wanted to make sure his guests left with some delicious ingredients for their kitchen. This included olive oil, sweet chili, carrob syrup etc. What an impressive idea that we’re sure the guests loved!

Although it was an incredibly fun wedding for both the couple and their guests, nothing can ever be perfect, and a mishap is always bound to happen. Odile revealed how they were still sewing the bridesmaid’s dresses the morning of the wedding. Thankfully, everything worked out well in the end!  

When asked about what their favourite part of the wedding was, Odile and Matthew expressed how amazing it was to see everyone they love together. “It’s very difficult to gather everyone with the lives that we have, so seeing everyone there was magical”, they happily told OurWedding.mt.

Congratulations Odile and Matthew!

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