If you've ever stopped by Lucy Make Up Store or Franks, chances are you've run into the cutest little redhead - founder and managing director Claire Abela - donning the biggest smile.  

Speaking to OurWedding.mt, this young entrepreneur and her now-husband Mark Camilleri spilled all the fabulous details of their love story, starting from their five-year relationship up until their magical honeymoon in Peru!Claire Abela

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Claire and Mark dated for seven years before the former was caught off guard with the most romantic proposal on New Years' Eve in Verona. Talk about starting the year off with a bang. 

Wedding preparations began soon after that, with Mark and Claire making most of the executive decisions with some help from a planner. Claire highly recommends working with a planner, especially for considerably large weddings like her and Mark’s.Claire Abela

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As open as the two were to suggestions, there were a couple of things that they were dead set on. A priority for the newlyweds was the location.

"We are both nature lovers and wanted a vineyard from day one, which is where it took place," Claire told OurWedding.mt. Claire Abela

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In fact, "to create a link between the actual location and the invite," the couple recruited the help of their designer friend, who illustrated the Maria Rosa Vineyard in Attard on the invites. 

"We always wanted our wedding to be an extension of both our characters," Claire continued. Claire Abela

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The nature-loving couple truly drove this point home by choosing to give away plants as their wedding souvenirs.

Another important request from Claire and Mark was for the ceremony to be decorated in foliage instead of flowers.  Claire Abela

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The ‘classical wedding’ theme shined through every single element of the ceremony, but especially through the design of Claire’s flawless dress. 

"I knew exactly what I was after, and the genius Luke Azzopardi understood me from day one. It was a complete pleasure working with him," she said. Claire Abela

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The modern Victorian-style dress was designed impeccably, bringing together lace fabric, long mesh sleeves, a high neckline, and layered skirting. 

Claire's elegant dress was paired beautifully with her subtle makeup look by Chris Attard and her flora-filled hair by hairdresser Elaine Azzopardi. 

For Claire and Mark, one cake flavour was simply not enough, which is why the two opted for a three-layered cake, with each layer taking on a different flavour. The cakes were all decorated simply, with flower applicants around.  

Their perfectly planned wedding went on without a hitch, "starting from the preparations at [Claire’s] house” up to “the beautiful ceremony that was deeply spiritual and meaningful."Claire Abela

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The wedding ended as it started, with a bang, as the reception was the place to be for those who wanted to "party hard".

"Not only did our expectations become a reality, but they surpassed them", Claire remarked. Claire Abela

Brian Grech 

The two are now off on their very nature-loving honeymoon in Peru, surrounded by rainbow-coloured mountains and lots of green. 

Congratulations, you two!

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