Everyone strives for originality on their wedding day, but none have done it quite like Sarah and Malvin…

The two had been together for four years before Malvin popped the question during a quiet but romantic evening at home on their four-year anniversary.

It was clear from the get-go that Sarah and Malvin wanted their wedding to be as sustainable as possible. In fact, the two opted for a seated wedding “to reduce the food waste that a standing wedding brings about”. They also sent out invites through a website to avoid wasting paper.

In a bid to continue making environmentally-sound choices, the two chose a somewhat unusual but extremely fun wedding venue – Ta’ Qali’s ‘Aviation Museum’. The choice makes sense considering that both Sarah and Malvin are avid travellers and lovers of local heritage.

The reception was held amongst many planes from different stages of Malta’s history. By doing this “we could financially support a worthwhile local heritage organization,” Sarah and Malvin told OurWedding.mt.

The travelling and aviation theme pretty much dictated every other aspect of the wedding…

A different remote island was assigned to every single table. These were, in turn, decorated with handmade paper roses, airplanes, and pinwheels. These decorations were all made out of old maps, making the event even more sustainable.

Apart from table decorations, Sarah and Malvin decorated the venue itself with a model of the Eiffel Tower, a globe and luggage bags. They even created a designated ‘Doctor Who’ area with a time-travelling Tardis!

Of course, the wedding cake – which came in almond, bacio, and raspberry-vanilla flavours – was also on-brand, as it was decorated with a world map.

Sarah wanted her arrival at the church to be somewhat unique as well, hence why she showed up in a stylish Volkswagen camper van.

The two went against tradition once again by walking down the aisle together instead of having Sarah walk down the aisle with her father.

The creatively unique ideas did not stop there!

Instead of having a guestbook, they provided guests with vintage postcards. Sarah and Malvin went on to invite guests to write their wishes and messages on said postcards before sending them over through snail mail.

Even the music being played abided by an impressive theme and message as it encompassed a journey from the 1920s to the present day.

When it came to her wedding dress, Sarah always knew she wanted a tea-length dress instead of a long gown.

 “Unfortunately, this was not so easy to find”, she said.

After months of hopeless looking, Sarah found a second-hand dress which her mother “skillfully altered” to fit her vision. It’s safe to say that Sarah looked drop-dead gorgeous!

When we asked Malvin and Sarah about their favourite part of the wedding, they could not but help mention the entertaining and extremely sweet performance Malvin gave to Sarah.

After many weeks of preparations, Malvin surprised Sarah by singing a song from Sting’s musical by the name of ‘The Last Ship’.

“It came out beautifully” and “all the guests were not only surprised but also impressed”, the two revealed.

What a truly remarkable wedding.

Congratulations, Sarah and Malvin!

Photographers: Mauro Attard and Simon Borg

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