Ingrid Vella and Anthony Galea’s wedding had been a long time coming, and after six postponements, this couple wasn't going to settle for anything less than spectacular 

This couple has had quite the love story… 

After meeting on the University of Malta campus specifically, the quadrangle Ingrid and Anthony have had to overcome an array of obstacles before sealing the deal.  

Like many others on the island and around the world, this couple was forced to postpone its wedding by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ingrid and Anthony, however, didn’t just postpone their wedding once or twice, no, they pushed it back six times. Yes, you read that right.  

It therefore comes as no surprise that when restrictions were lifted, this couple leapt at the opportunity to finally tie the knot. 

And seriously, what's more romantic than getting married in the same exact spot you met?! 

If that wasn’t iconic enough, Anthony and Ingrid even had the university’s rector, Professor Vella, officiating their wedding.  

"Surprise! We tied the knot. After 6 postponements, we thought we'll never see this day. We are truly grateful to all who have supported us throughout this 2-year journey, especially the University of Malta and Rector Professor Vella, who kindly officiated our wedding,” Ingrid wrote on social media. 

It was a personalized micro wedding shared with our parents and witnesses. We look forward to celebrating our marriage with our families and friends later on. The Galeas," she concluded. 

The University of Malta's Facebook page followed up with a post congratulating the newlyweds.  

Congratulations to the Galeas! 

Main image: Facebook/ Ingrid Vella

Main image: Facebook/ University of Malta

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