Every love story is unique, some say it was love at first sight and others say it was their history that brought them together. In the case of Sarah and Kurt Galea, their blossoming relationship did take its time to unfold. However, this long journey was celebrated in their stunning wedding held at the Corinthia Palace in Attard, which they shared with Bliss Magazine.

The pair first started getting to know each other as friends, meeting only during Kurt’s months off from his studies in the UK. “When he finished from his studies, we couldn't ignore the sparks between us anymore,” Sarah admits. “We started dating, and the rest is history.” Their 11-year love story culminated on 2nd February 2020 when they exchanged their ‘I dos’. “Kurt was the one who proposed,” Sarah says. “He did so at our house, and decorated our room with candles in the form of a heart with the ring in the middle and our cat right beside him. It was lovely!”

The venue selected to celebrate the big day was a no brainer, “Corinthia Palace in Attard is a classic yet contemporary hotel, and the Villa Corinthia was always a venue we loved having functions in,” she explains. This location fit perfectly into the classical theme that the pair were after, and their choice of elegant but minimal decorations blended in amazingly well with Villa Corinthia’s beautiful architectural features. Their choice of colour scheme that blended seamlessly with their simplistic yet elegant wedding theme was lavender.

“In terms of service, you can never go wrong with Corinthia. Apart from that, since it was a winter wedding, the Villa Corinthia offered a large and elegant venue inside, while also enjoying the beautiful garden outside, should the day be sunny, which it was in our case.” And while their 450 guests didn’t have any particular dietary requirements, the couple did have a few requests of their own.

“Corinthia was very accommodating when we told them that we wanted to have a photo booth,” Sarah says. “We also had a whisky bar and a gin bar. Everything was set up perfectly.” Another request of the bride and groom was to have a station serving Asian food which was prepared in front of the guests providing another element of entertainment. The Asian station was set up in a separate, yet beautifully decorated room, and served by the Corinthia’s own Rickshaw restaurant staff.

Even though the couple had their own wedding planner, Corinthia’s events manager helped with the event coordination and Sarah had nothing but praise for the staff's professionality. “They certainly helped with the running order,” she says. “Johanna Ward, the events manager, was more than helpful in providing tips. She even convinced us to cut the cake before our first dance, so the wedding wouldn’t end with the cutting of the cake – which was an excellent idea.”

The cake was also created to match the theme of the wedding, simple-yet-sophisticated, made by the award-winning staff at the Corinthia Palace, as was the rest of the food. The events team also supplied access to a safe in which the couple could keep their valuables and wedding gifts received throughout the reception.

A luxurious suite was gifted by the hotel to the newlyweds where they spent their first night together as husband and wife.  “They brought us food to the room after the wedding and we even had champagne,” she says. “The room was lovely! It was the perfect start to our life together, and we have nothing but fond memories of our special day.”

Mark Cassar

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